On this page, I'll try to keep you up-to-date on what's going on with Braceless.


  1. I am working on Braceless0 almost every day and am progressing fast.
  2. I am very busy adding basic support for classes, exceptions, and proper use of phi nodes. The phi nodes were never finished properly, the two others additions are necessary to do anything worthwhile in Braceless0.
  3. I have announced the Braceless Forum on comp.compilers, but so far only about ten spambots have registered (all of them deleted).


  1. The Library section was added and an ancient article, A Proposal for Exception Handling in C was published.
  2. The Braceless Forum was put online. The beginning is very humble but with your help, it can grow to something interesting.


  1. The Braceless website was changed to use the Grav CMS, so that I can spend my energy on better things than writing my own CMS.