The history behind Braceless goes more than three decades back. Yes, more than three decades.

I started my first feeble attempt of making a programming language when I was twelve years old or so. Inspired, or more like counter-inspired, by ZX BASIC and Zilog Z80 assembly, I quickly came to the conclusion that things could be done much better than how they were done back then. My friends from my teenage years may recall that I spent every waking moment trying to work out the many intricate details of designing a programming language. As I had no money, I had to resort to ordering free marketing material from Grey Matter, a UK business specializing in reselling development tools, to get a glimpse of what other languages existed out there.

At the age of eighteen, I came to the conclusion that I knew too little about how to actually implement a programming language that I decided to study this however I could. Among other things, I worked in a team that made an Ada9X compiler written in Ada83.

After that, I got struck by an intense case of Schizophrenia, which left me all but mentally handicapped for about a decade.

After that, I resumed work on my language, this time I actually had some progress (I've written something like eight to ten partial-to-almost-complete compilers in various languages over the past decade), but I still never managed to quite get there, perhaps due to the fact that I suffer much from lack of focus due to Schizophrenia.

Now, I hope to make a working bootstrap compiler, so that I can continue onwards towards the goal of realizing a production compiler written in Braceless0 using the bootstrap compiler.

Unfortunately, I still suffer from Schizophrenia, so the quality of my working days is very variable and I never know for sure when I will be able to work again. Thus, progress is inheritently sporadic and unpredictable.