First and foremost, I need to thank my good friend Alexandre Bencz for having pushed me forward and for having told me when I was doing things upside-down. Good friends tell you when you are wrong and Alexandre does exactly that! Thank you, Alexandre!

Second, I need to thank the author of the Cobra language, Charles G., for implicitly suggesting (by doing it himself) to use Python to write the bootstrap compiler. I have fought numerous battles with C, C++, C#, D, and Go in various attempts of writing a simple bootstrap compiler for Braceless but over the past week I've accomplished more than I ever did in those languages. Why? Because Python has all the features I need (its two main drawbacks are that it is very slow and that it performs no static checks)!

Third, I need to thank Niklaus Wirth, then inventor of Pascal, for unintentionally having stimulated me to become interested in programming language design at the tender age of eleven. Wirth was my childhood hero and I still think that he has contributed much more to proper software development languages than the plethora of brace-loving people out there. The biggest problem about Pascal was that it used those tedious begin/end pairs all over the place (and the pointer notation was pretty awkward too). I can't but help wonder what Wirth's track record had been, if Wirth had a chance to study Occam while developing his multitude of programming languages (Pascal predates Occam by 13 years).

This reminds me why I want to do Braceless at all:

  • To create a beautiful, efficient, portable, and sensible statically-typed language that makes you as productive as Python!